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    To the World you may be just one Person. To the Person you may be the world

  • Lussoni® Jewellery Collection

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    Necklaces from £ 198.00

    The Design of the Lussoni Necklaces line breaks the static nature of metals in an unconventional way, using experiments with harmonious lines and volumes. The geometric shapes are designed with particular attention to comfort, materials and interaction with the body.

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    Bracelets from £ 178.00

    The design in the shapes and volumes of the Lussoni bracelets collection is inspired by the Game of Balance. Waves and straight lines, spirals and curves, combined with Swarovski Elements decorations. Small pieces of art.

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    Earrings from £ 149.00

    The Lussoni Earrings Line embodies the taste and elegance of a unique design suitable for all occasions, from an elegant evening to everyday life. Geometric shapes are balanced but not necessarily symmetrical.

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    Rings from £ 198.00

    The Lussoni Rings are sculptural jewels, worked with techniques and materials that look in search of new important shapes and volumes, influenced by art and architecture.

  • 2025 Winter Collection

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    The New Collection is coming...

    Lussoni is the line of precious items capable of making nature your inspiration and then transforming it into a unique design.

    The shapes are somewhat reminiscent of the geometry and architecture of the French Renaissance Monuments, of which Paris retains some of the most beautiful and best preserved examples.


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    Swarovski is one of the world's largest suppliers of crystals for the manufacture of jewelry and for the production of clothing and lighting systems. Third party manufacturers mark these products by applying the label “Made With Swarovski Elements” or the words "made with Swarovski crystals" or "Crystallized ™"

  • Jewelry Materials


    Stainless steel is a modern and very stylish material which is used for our manufacturing jewellery. Stainless steel is harder than silver, so the steel jewels can't get scratched easily. They do not change their colour, do not rust and oxidise.

    Gold 750 & 375

    The Gold as a precious metal is used widely in making our Jewelry. This metal is preferred over others for jewelry pieces for various reasons. Gold jewelry suits people of all ages and comes in a wide variety of designs.

    Silver 950

    We choose sterling silver for many of our silver jewellery pieces including our earrings, studs and fine chain necklaces, because it has a bright and shiny finish that’s ideal for delicate and fine designs. The simplicity of its appearance makes it truly versatile as well as affordable; silver jewellery pairs as perfectly with pearls as with colourful gemstones.

    Gemstones and Pearls

    We use natural freshwater pearls, Natural Diamons and Gemstones Grade AA in our silver, steel and gold jewellery designs. Natural freshwater pearls are formed within mussels living within freshwater. They’re durable with an untreated, natural shade of white which won’t discolour if properly cared for.

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